Crazy Chimney Climb

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This video shows me “free solo” climbing the second tallest structure in Romania: Chimney at CET Pitesti SUD (280m)! The chimney has 6 floors. The first 5 don’t have a railing anymore and are very deteriorated so I split the climb in 4 sections, by altitude:

1) 0m – 20m : there is no metal ladder but only some electrical cables hanging…
2) 21m – 55m : the ladder does not have protective cage.
3) 55m – 275m : the ladder has protective cage but no place to sit down.
4) 275m – 280m (TOP) : the ladder, again, has no protective cage and the last 3 meters of it are not secured to the tower which makes it unstable.

Ich musste zweimal Pause drücken und für einige Minuten etwas anderes machen. Wieso hängt den bloß auch dieses verdammte Kabel bis unten zum Boden?