Eunoia II – Brainwave Controlled Installation

For “Eunoia II”, I am using the emotional values (excitement, engagement, meditation, frustration, boredom) picked up by the EEG headset, which then gets translated into sound waves that create vibrations in the pools of water placed atop speakers.

Throughout the performance of “Eunoia II”, the intensity of my feelings at the time are mirrored in the intensity of the sound in terms of volume, pitch, feedback, speed, and the panning of the sound output. The result was that the water responded in real-time creating different formations of ripples and droplets in unpredictable patterns.

“Eunoia II” is comprised of 48 speakers with metal plates in various sizes, all containing pools of water. The number 48 symbolizes philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s definitions of 48 different emotions. In his book Ethics, he describes emotions as states of mind and body related to feelings and says that all emotions are derived from three primary emotions: joy, pain, and desire.